Performance Tweed – Bark 837

$49.99 /yard

  • Performance Tweed Collection
  • 100% Polyester
  • Passes 51,000 Double Rubs (Wire Screen)
  • Approx 440 grams per square metre
  • Protected by a high performance soil & stain release technology that enhances the performance of the fabric to stains such as wine, oil and water.  While providing this performance technology, it does not alter the functionality or hand of the fabrics.  Additional benefits include soil release to allow for easier cleaning while helping to keep fabrics fresh, clean and more durable.  This technology is in compliance with the US EPA 2010/15 PFOA stewardship program and provides dynamic care for a better environment.
  • NFPA 260, UFAC – Class 1
  • VR: 0″   HR: 0″
  • Made in China
  • 54″ / 137cm Wide



For liquid spills and stains, use a clean dry absorbent cloth.  Gently blot, do not rub or press the spill/stain into the fabric.  Wipe off with clean water and a clean dry cloth.  On spills or stains that have penetrated the surface, use a clean absorbent cloth with water allowing it to absorb into the stain, gently lift without spreading or pressing it into the fabric.  If the stain is not fully removed, repeat the process adding a mild soap solution of 1/4 tsp mild, enzyme detergent, such as Tide® or Woolite® per 1 cup of warm water.  Apply the cleaning solution with a spray bottle, work the solution into the affected area with a sponge or a soft bristle brush.  Make sure to work from the outside of the stain inward so as not to spread the stain and rinse your sponge or brush frequently. Wipe off with clean water to rinse.  Repeat the process, if needed, trying to lift out the stain with water and/or a soap solution.  If the stain remains, it may be necessary to use a solvent cleaner recommended for upholstery fabrics.  Follow the product instructions and test a small inconspicuous area before treating any stains.  Remove soap or cleaning solution residue from the fabric with clean water, and allow to air dry.


Increments of 0.25yd only

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