Fabrigard Water & Stain Repellant


  • Water & stain repellant specially formulated to protect fabric fibres from stains, water, dirt, smoke and clinging odours
  • Acts as an invisible barrier that extends the life of fabrics by keeping them looking new longer
  • Spills & soiling on surfaces protected with FABRIGARD can be easily cleaned
  • Applications include upholstered furniture, cushions, automotive interiors, carpet, mats, area rugs, drapes, outerwear, hats, ties, handbags, luggage, leatherwear, canvas, canopies, tents, awnings and umbrellas
  • SPECIAL FEATURES FABRIGARD repels water &prevents staining – Protects each individual fabric fiber from water & stains. Soils & moisture remain on the fabric surface to allow for easier, faster & more efficient cleaning. Also protects from mildew, smoke & odours. FABRIGARD will not affect colours or textures, or promote shrinking – Will not cause yellowing, colour fading, colour changes, brownouts, texture changes or shrinking. Will not affect the “breathability” of fabrics. FABRIGARD helps to resist wear – Treated fibers are up to 60% more resistant to wear & abrasion, which promotes longer fabric life. Also reduces sun fading.  Can be used year round, in variable climatic conditions. FABRIGARD is extremely versatile – Can be applied on virtually every type of fabric including cotton/polyester blends, silk, satin, canvas & leather
  • HOW TO APPLY Read & follow all instructions on container labels. Hold aerosol can approximately 20cms. from the application surface & spray from side to side in a sweeping motion. Avoid excessive wetting, since light applications of product provide excellent protection. It is extremely important to test all fabrics prior to application & ensure colour fastness. Apply in well-ventilated areas
  • COVERAGE As a rule, one can will protect two upholstered chairs.  Actual overage depends on fabric type & area sprayed.  Heavy fabrics require heavier application
  • Sold each
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